Recipe: Tasty Caribbean vegan fruit, veg & grain stew

Caribbean vegan fruit, veg & grain stew. Caribbean vegan fruit, veg & grain stew A version of my usual Saturday stew, not strictly the ingredients but 'near as damn it', :- DRY wholegrain quick rice (uncle bens), mixed quinoa (red, white & black), Buckwheat pasta (gluten free), cranberries, Caribbean BBQ spice & salt (the spice emporium – grinder) garauna/coffee powder (percol 'perk up') This is another vegan version of a hugely popular Jamaican recipe. In fact, it's actually Jamaica's national dish! The ackee fruit has a creamy, buttery texture and milky taste, whereas the 'saltfish' adds a saline tang to the dish.

Caribbean vegan fruit, veg & grain stew These delicious vegetarian Caribbean recipes make a wonderful, colourful and spicy meal. Recipes include jerk tofu and callaloo (or spinach), spicy sweet potatoes and coconut rice and beans. These recipes are also suitable for vegans. You can cook Caribbean vegan fruit, veg & grain stew using 16 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Caribbean vegan fruit, veg & grain stew

  1. It’s of Wholegrain rice.
  2. You need of Mixed Quinoa.
  3. You need of Buckwheat pasta.
  4. You need of Cranberries.
  5. Prepare of Caribbean BBQ spice & salt.
  6. It’s of Guarana / coffee powder.
  7. Prepare of dry.
  8. Prepare of Chopped tomato.
  9. Prepare of Water (filtered).
  10. It’s of wet.
  11. It’s of Carrots (juliette).
  12. You need of Butternut squash chunks.
  13. It’s of Mango chunks.
  14. You need of Pineapple chunks.
  15. It’s of Blackberries.
  16. You need of frozen.

Easy to make with homemade jerk seasoning, potato, corn, red beans, vegan 'sausage' or 'chicken' Instant Pot/Stovetop. Heat the oil in a medium-sized pot heat. Add the coconut milk, onion, garlic, soy sauce, cilantro, allspice, sugar, and onion powder and stir to combine. A delicious and rich version of Jamaican Fruit Cake that is especially popular around Christmas. it is vegan, gluten-free, and alcohol-free with an amazing taste and moist texture!

Caribbean vegan fruit, veg & grain stew step by step

  1. Add water 1st, (to either a saucepan or slow cooker whichever you choose – only the cooking time is different) then the dry grain ingredients (rinsing the rice & Quinoa) (not the spice & coffee powder).
  2. Add all the frozen ingredients, carrots 1st as they take longest «« careful not to touch them with hands that are even slightly damp – best to use clean washing up gloves (the frozen item freezes the moisture on your hand / fingers & so 'glues' it to you) »».
  3. Add the chopped tomato on top of all that is in the cooking appliance.
  4. Add the coffee powder & grind the spicey salt.
  5. If in saucepan – Cook as you would normally cook rice, depending on if it's quick rice or full length cooking, boil 1st then simmer for about 20 if not quick rice. (FOLLOW THE PACKAGE INSTRUCTIONS FOR WHICHEVER RICE, QUINOA & PASTA YOU USE).
  6. If in slow cooker – Set to low & leave for 6 or 7 Hrs / high for 3-4 hrs, adjust for your cooking appliance type, stay near it & keep checking until you have made the necessary adjustments & can leave it alone, mine keeps needing a stir now & then..
  7. I have left all the amounts up to you, adjust amounts according to how much of the meal is needed / for how many, you might want more or less of certain parts – a rough guide on an idea – hope you enjoy it (when you get all the amounts & temperature / times etc right)..
  8. Please note that I use quick rice, also that rice can be cooked into the meal, it doesn't have to be cooked separately, it actually says on the side of some packs to cook until all the water is absorbed as 1 of the options, you can tell best by if the bowl that the foods on is too hot to touch & I strongly recommend getting a food thermometer if you're not used to slow cooking, keep a check on it throughout & notch it up to high for last hr if all the ingredients are still 'whole' & not gooey..
  9. Some parts will still remain whole, but the rice & pasta will be more like runny porridge..

Jamaican Fruit Cake, also known as Christmas Cake or black cake in other parts of the Caribbean, is a holiday must-have if you couldn't tell from the name. ACKEE – grows on trees and is found all over Jamaica. It's very poisonous when unripe, when ripe, the fruit splits to show three large black seeds. Yellowish flesh, when cooked resembles scrambled eggs. Caribbean vegetables and fruits migrated in and out of the southern hemisphere by way of exploration and trade.

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