How to Cook Perfect Pyaz ki Kachori recipe

Pyaz ki Kachori recipe. Place one portion of the onion filling in the centre. Bring together all the sides, seal it tightly and remove any excess dough. Pyaz ki Kachori is a delicious and spicy breakfast or snack recipe that was originated in Jodhpur, Rajasthan but is now popular almost everywhere.

Pyaz ki Kachori recipe Learn to make detailed Jaipuri Pyaaz Ki Kachori Recipe Onion Filled Spicy Snack recipe with step by step photos. These crisp, flaky, deep-fried Kachoris stuffed with an onion filling are so delightful. You can cook Pyaz ki Kachori recipe using 21 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Pyaz ki Kachori recipe

  1. It’s of For the dough.
  2. It’s of Maida –.
  3. You need of Salt –.
  4. Prepare of Ajwain- carom seeds.
  5. Prepare of Ghee –.
  6. Prepare of Oil –.
  7. It’s of Water –.
  8. It’s of Oil – for frying.
  9. Prepare of Filling.
  10. It’s of Oil –.
  11. Prepare of Heeng (asafoetida) –.
  12. It’s of Ginger chopped –.
  13. It’s of Green chilli chopped –.
  14. You need of Cumin –.
  15. You need of Fennel Seeds (Saunf) –.
  16. Prepare of Onion chopped –.
  17. Prepare of Pepper powder –.
  18. It’s of Black salt –.
  19. It’s of Turmeric –.
  20. You need of Chilli powder –.
  21. You need of Salt –.

It's a 'Snack-Y' Saturday and and I'm LOVING it! Knead this into a stiff dough. Set it aside for a while. Meanwhile, on a chopping board, chop the onions and green chillies finely.

Pyaz ki Kachori recipe instructions

  1. For the filling heat oil in a pan and add heeng followed by chopped ginger, green chilli, cumin and fennel seeds. Stir for 60sec and then add onions, black salt, pepper, turmeric, chilli powder and salt to taste. Cook the onions on high heat for 2-3mins. Remove to a plate and cool it completely..
  2. For the dough rub together flour, salt, carom seeds (Ajwain) ghee and oil to make it crumbly. Add sufficient water to make a very soft dough. Knead and keep aside for 10mins..
  3. Divide into 10 equal small pieces and roll them. Now press and flatten them and fill them with the onion filling. Close the dough and make it into a ball..
  4. Heat oil in a deep vessel till medium hot. Gently press the stuffed dough balls to flatten them and then slide them in medium hot oil. Once they start to float increase the heat and fry till golden brown..
  5. Finally, serve pyaz kachori as it is or with green chutney and tamarind chutney tomato sauce.
  6. Pl see the video on youtube @safinakitcen

For the filling heat oil in a pan and add heeng followed by chopped ginger, green chilli, cumin and fennel seeds. Remove to a plate and cool it completely. Very few households actually prepare these crisp, flaky deep-fried pyaz ki kachori stuffed with an onion filling. Once the oil is hot, add asafoetida and saute it for a few seconds. Add cumin seeds and saute till brown.

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