How to Prepare Yummy Hot Chocolate Recipe

Hot Chocolate Recipe.

Hot Chocolate Recipe You can cook Hot Chocolate Recipe using 5 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Hot Chocolate Recipe

  1. You need of Unsweetened cocoa powder.
  2. Prepare of sugar or sugar to taste.
  3. Prepare of large mug creamy milk or normal milk or Almond milk or soy milk.
  4. Prepare of dark chocolate.
  5. Prepare of dark chocolate chips (you can also use 1 piece of dark chocolate cut it into small pieces).

Hot Chocolate Recipe instructions

  1. First make all ingredients ready. Now take one small bowl. add 2 spoon milk in the bowl then add 1 spoon Unsweetened cocoa powder mix well until You get a smooth paste. make sure there are no lumps..
  2. Take one cooking pot. Now heat up 1 large mug of milk on low-medium flame. Boil the milk. Now add mixture of cocoa powder that we just made and mix well. Then add 1 spoon sugar or sugar to taste and Keep stirring for 1 minute. Now add 3 pieces of dark chocolate and Keep stirring until the dark chocolate will melt nicely. Now turn off the gas..
  3. Serve Hot chocolate in large mug then add dark chocolate chips for garnish. Hot chocolate is ready to serve..
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